GREAT WALL 99 (GW99) : The Legend Of Slots

Great Wall 99, also known as GW99 or P2P, provides various interesting and exciting games which
include slot casino games, casino table games, and much more famous games such as monkey story,
racing machine, fish-catching game etc. Now also available for android devices.
GW99/P2P Casino is an online casino provider with a strong and consistent player following in Malaysia.
GW99/P2P Casino largely owes its popularity to its immense catalogue of games that its players can
choose from, and these include a range of popular online slot games that are as engaging as they are
addictive. To satisfy the needs of the market, GW99/P2P Casino has also developed games that can be
supported on Android devices and not just on PC, so players can get the best of both worlds. Also
offering attractive promotions, GW99/P2P Casino is a top choice amongst Malaysian online casino players.

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